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Hello I’m Hendrix. I started Hendrix Learning to offer a digital solution for individuals of varying ability levels who want access to engaging and enriching content anytime it suits them. For over 10 years I have worked in the field of Special Education in both public and private special education settings as well as with numerous independent organizations providing services to individuals with intellectual disabilities. It has been a true blessing being impacted by this population, and I am always amazed at how much they teach me and how much I have grown from these experiences. I am an advocate of creativity and trying new things, and at Hendrix Learning we promote these ideas in everything we do.

Individuals with intellectual disabilities have changed my life, and I believe they are a gift to society that is far too often taken for granted. The number of things I have learned from them far exceed the number of things I have taught. We are all the same; we all have the same core wants and desires like friendship, dignity, and purpose. We all experience the same emotions; each of us are just able to manipulate our responses with varying degrees of success. We all make mistakes; nobody is perfect and no one should be made to feel that their mistake is irreconcilable. We all value positivity; nobody benefits from negative encounters with others. We are all unique; every one of us is special and should be valued for our individuality. It is the lessons like these that have shaped my outlook on the world and how I interact with everyone I encounter. I strive everyday to be as genuine as the numerous individuals with intellectual disabilities that I have had the pleasure of interacting with.

My first experience working in this field was as a high schooler when I was a peer tutor in my school’s self contained classroom. At Western Kentucky University I was lucky enough to be a member of the football team, and as I needed to be on campus during the summer for practice and workouts, I was led to a job at the Kelly Autism Program for kids with a diagnosis of ASD. This was a defining moment for me, and I changed my major to Special Education. For the next four years I studied and worked in the field and was continually reaffirmed that this was where I wanted to be. Upon graduation, I worked at Bowling Green Junior High as a self contained classroom teacher with a small group of students. While a teacher, I was also able to coach multiple sports and saw firsthand how effective special education strategies are when working with neurotypical individuals. When I was offered a job at The Stewart Home & School in Frankfort, KY I jumped at the opportunity and found myself leading the recreation department for 325+ individuals of all ages with intellectual disabilities. Being exposed to the sheer number and variety of individuals with unique challenges allowed me to generalize my skills across a much wider base. This is where I developed my desire to provide the same impact to a much wider audience. When the Covid-19 pandemic began and many services including education moved to virtual platforms, I became aware of the perfect outlet for expanding my reach. I left my job to pursue Hendrix Learning full time and offer a valuable option to people looking for engagement at their convenience. My experience in this field has been a journey, and I would not be where I am today without each and every step. I hope that by joining with me in this next phase we can all share in the great untapped potential of virtual engagement.

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